Sunday, April 17, 2011

Policeman's Half Race report

So as it turns out, a relatively successful day considering the snow storm.
While my time wasn't what I wanted (I was hoping to beat my previous policeman's half time which was 126 a few years ago)... I think I can give myself a few minutes for conditions. It was pretty slippery out there so really hard to get any traction or push.
My personal victory for the day was keeping Danelle Kabush, who placed first female overall, in sight at all times. I'm not sure exactly how far ahead she was timewise but Danelle is an absolutely amazing professional athlete who competes for the XTerra Luna team. We both train with Cal so I've run track workouts with her before.
Another victory, was getting my nutrition totally dialed. I made sure I had Vega electrolytes with my banana and coffee this morning, and actually managed to get two gels in during the run and had no energy crashes! In fact the opposite. As soon as I felt myself slow even the tiniest bit, I pulled out a gel. While at one point the 3d place female who I'm told is quite the triathlete, passed me because of my fiddling around with mitts and gels, the gel gave me enough push to fight her for 2nd again as we dropped in to Weaselhead and treacherous trail conditions. It was great to feel strong and to feel like I actually had some fight in me this morning because I usually give up pretty easily once someone passes me. Not sure why and not something I like about myself but I find it way easier to stay in front of someone than to try to reel them in. I'm way better if I stay out front.
So I guess today was like a trail race in some ways. The time didn't matter but the position did. I'm happy to have won my age group and was just proud of myself for making it to the start line in the snow. There were a lot of runners out there with smiles on their faces. Nice work Calgary!

And... importantly: THANK YOU! to all of the volunteers who stood out in the snow this morning. You guys just make our day. One lady had shoveled an entire bridge off for us! So selfless. We appreciate you so much even if we don't always have the breath to say thank you while we're running!

Happy trails.


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