Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Amys mind: Body go running! You`re in Italy!
Amys body: Yah right, its 3am. Forget it.
Mind: Come on, its 9am local time, you have to get used to this you have a race in 6 days!
Body: Fine, but only 4km and were going slow!!!

We arrived in Italy. Woe is us, had to settle for a BMW free upgrade as they were out of minis. Apparently my boyfriend was a race car driver in a past life. Good thing they dont seem to enforce the speed limits on the highways!

First run after a long flight, some wine and not much sleep didnt feel very good so I am grateful for the extra few days to adjust before the race.

Were in Venice right now. The culture here is incredible. Will head up to the mountains in a couple of days to meet up with the team. For now, loving every second of this.


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  1. Congrats on the good result, looking forward to reading the updates!